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Titel / Title Time to be a King 
Label AFM Records 
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Masterplan have come to their senses again and realised that it is indeed the singer that makes out a band, especially in their own case. Just in “Time to Be a King”, they bring back the Norwegian Master of Voices Jorn Lande. And that´s exactly the right decision. Jorn, who left the band five years ago, is back more powerful-voiced and interesting as ever before. During the last years, he was very successful with his own band Jorn whereas things with Masterplan and their then new singer Mike DiMeo got more and more quiet.

You can clearly hear changes to the earlier Masterplan, the band has realised that they don´t need to tell Jorn Lande how he has to sing and high, squeaky notes are gone now also. With “Time to be a King” Masterplan have returned to their former glory even more powerful and gigantic than expected. Ten brilliant anthems that make you want to sing or headbang along.

It wouldn´t make sense to pick out one single song and describe it because all of them are excellent compositions. One is better than the other. Simply a great record that is hard to top. Let´s just hope that this band will last a bit longer and that Jorn in all this Masterplan buzz won´t forget his own band Jorn either. Definitely a magnificent comeback for Masterplan. The first single “Far from the End of the World” is already available in the shops for all those of you who can´t wait for May 21st anymore. And for all those diehard fans there´s also a limited edition with the bonus track “Kisses from you”.

Sandy Mahrer

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