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Titel / Title The Road Less Travelled 
Label AFM Records  
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Three years after their debut „ Onwards“, the band Triosphere from Trondheim is back with their new CD „The Road Less Travelled“. After quite a long time waiting for it you naturally expect a lot. The intro is surprisingly calm and makes you wonder if the whole CD is going to be like this. But right with the next track „Driven“ Triosphere show their usual hard and melodious style. You can hear that they have changed a lot, learned a lot and are ready to show a bit more of themselves.
Singer Ida Haukland proves once again that she has to offer more than 08/15 „Metal-vocals“ - her voice is powerful and she knows what to do with it, and also her bass playing is capable. The track „Marionette“ features the mastery of both guitarists Marius Silver Bergesen and T.O Byberg, their tunes underline the whole album, and the hard drumming of Ørjan Aare Jørgensen adds some more aggression that will be appreciated by Death-Metal fans, too. Classic elements add a final touch, songs like „The Anger and the Silent Remorse“ and „21“ are ear candy and the album´s highlight. Fans can enjoy music that comes from the heart.

Sandy Mahrer

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