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Lacrimas Profundere

Titel / Title The Grandiose Nowhere (Limited Edition)  
Label Napalm Records 
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Almost at the same time with their Finnish role models HIM Lacrimas Profundere from Southern Germany released their new album called “The Grandiose Nowhere”. Already the first single “The Letter” makes you prick your ears: a catchy song, absolutely, and it rocks even if the stringed instruments could be a bit louder.

Since 2007 the band also has a new singer, Rob Vitacca, who in contrast to his predecessor Christopher Schmid doesn´t look anything like the big idol from Helsinki, which could be very helpful to get rid of this image to merely be a cheap copy of HIM.

"The Grandiose Nowhere" is opened with "Be Mine In Tears": it´s catchy, the chorus is memorable and the instruments are not too much in the background like it`s usually the case for "Gothic for the masses" productions. However, it is disappointing that Rob, like his predecessor, pretty much imitates the singing of a certain Finn in the verses. Track 2 is the already mentioned "The Letter" - it`s a real hit song! The beginning of "Lips" sounds promising at first - until Rob starts to sing. This put on "Dark Gothic Voice" like... I don`t want to say the name again... Who needs that!?! I generally have the impression that Rob can`t keep his deep voice all the time. That gives us some moments where we can hear his own voice and these are the parts, which are really interesting. Unfortunately, these moments are rare and short. The song itself is not bad, actually it`s even quite good. It`s memorable but still has some edges.

"I Don`t Care" reminds me somehow of... well, you know. But this time it`s just the sound `cause Rob sings uninfluenced by the original. A Plus. With "Her Occasion Of Sin" we have pretty much the same case as with "Be Mine In Tears“ before but the chorus with the backing vocals is simply captivating. I actually like the singing on "A Plea" but, in comparison to other songs on the album, it doesn´t really stand out. For a change the chorus of "Not For Love" sounds inspired by Peter Steele... And, yes, this song rocks! Everything is just perfect, even the bagpipes that I usually don´t really like, make it a better song rather than ruining it. In case the guys haven´t decided yet what their second single release should be: I recommend "Not For Love", definitely.

The seamless transition to "The Fear Of Being Alone" is also nice. The eighth track has a very, very beautiful keyboard melody but nevertheless it´s not one of the highlights of "The Grandiose Nowhere". It doesn`t have that certain something. Then, "My Little Fear" doesn`t please me at all. It sounds too much like... You know. "Side" starts to rock - promising in the beginning, just to then fail due to the always same problem. Even though the chorus is well done. "Dead Heart Serenade": Same game like with "My Little Fear". Boring. Both songs even sound pretty identical. The final ballad "No Matter Where You Shoot Me Down" then provides for a really positive surprise again: the song is not only brilliant but not one second you are reminded of any role models. Originality is the magic word. Finally!

For this review I have got a Limited Edition with two bonus tracks, "All Is Suffering" and "Of Words And Rain". Here the vocals are more inspired by the late Type O Negative frontman again, at least in the choruses. But apart from that both songs are simply awesome. My compliments! So, those who want to get "The Grandiose Nowhere" should definitely buy the limited version. It`s worth it `cause you won`t miss two of the best Lacrimas Profundere songs ever.

In summary I have to say that I am surprised by "The Grandiose Nowhere" - in a positive way! Surely there are some real Gothic-Rock gems here but the band can only turn on their charm when they are themselves and that´s not that hard to do. So, be braver!

Stefanie Singh

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