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Titel / Title Love Is Gone  
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The first time that I heard the name "Dommin" was last autumn when they were confirmed as support act for the US tour of The 69 Eyes. Probably I would never have given further attention to the Californians if I had not stumbled over their name again in the beginning of this year, when they were confirmed as support for Lacuna Coil, and after that as warm-up for HIM. Ok, who is this band? I was curious so I visited Here a spot starts automatically, advertising the release of the debut album "Love Is Gone", accompanied by the song "My Heart, Your Hands". It happens rarely to me but I was immediately hooked, so I had to get the album. It starts with the mentioned "My Heart, Your Hands", which is also the first single release - an excellent choice, because this rocky semi-ballad captures your heart immediately. This song is just perfect, from the melody to the soulful singing of Kristofer Dommin whose surname was the inspiration for the bandname.

Next is "New", a faster rock song, followed by "Evenfall Hollow", also the intro for song number 4, the second single "Tonight", again a faster composition. There are some of those on "Love Is Gone" and they are all easy-rockin` songs and not too unwieldy but at the same time they have enough depth that you can`t label the music of Dommin as "shallow Radio Pop Rock". No way! When singer Kristofer sings his heart out like in the final ballad "Remember", it sounds honest and authentic and not overblown at all. Some contemporary musicians could take a leaf out of his book! Who doesn`t like it calm will rejoice in the already mentioned faster tracks. From those, "One Feeling" is a special highlight that starts rocking right away, is very catchy and has a nice guitar solo in the end.

Generally speaking, "Love Is Gone" is not a simple "50% rocksongs, 50% ballads" album. No, the Americans are very keen on experimenting as well, like on "Dark Holiday" where the piano plays a major role. And although Mister Dommin has a beautiful voice he doesn`t always display it. The instrumental "Within Reach" could´ve also been written by Trent Reznor.

The spot promotes the album with the slogan "The voice of the broken-hearted". Certainly a good choice in this case, but it`s also very nice listening to it when you´re not lovesick. My favourite is still "My Heart, Your Hands" but that doesn`t mean that the other songs are bad. Absolutely not! This one song just captured my heart, the rest sticks to my ears or make me want to move my legs. In any case the music of Dommin makes some waves - hopefully soon also in the charts...

Stefanie Singh

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