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Just recovered from the Serbian candidate at this yearīs Eurovision Song Contest, I encounter another musical group from one of the former Yugoslav republics. With Consecration, hairdos are, however, not the center of attention but their music is. After their debut album Aux, which they worked on for six years, a live album followed. Now, their second full-length album contains exactly those live songs in studio quality.

Six very psychedelic-atmospheric songs expand to almost one hour of playing time and make for a rather changeful vibe – sometimes relaxed with soft notes; then again itīs a bit more disquieting with heavier and experimental sounds. Interestingly, the vocals of the Belgrade fivesome are incorporated into the ensemble rather as an additional instrument and thus, to my surprise I only note that the words are in Serbian when I check the lyrics on their website. In that way, the songs can almost pass for instrumentals somehow.

All in all, an ambitious project that the common listener also has to be willing to get involved with.

Kathleen Gransalke

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