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Big Ball

Titel / Title Hotter Than Hell 
Label AFM 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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AC/DC like sound is really up to date today, as many celebrated concerts of the masters themselves or their soundalikes Airbourne show. But it is really surprising that there are only a few of other bands who try to play this style of music. Is it due to the insane and absolutely important voices of Brian Johnson and Joel o`Keefe. Or is it because of the tight playing which makes potential copycats so abject?
We could surely speculate and philosophize a long time about the reasons behind this. But it is a fact that Germany has right now a really hot iron in the Australian fire. As the guys of BIG BALL already showed on their tour with Saxon, they know how to celebrate the unique sound from down under and how to carry the audience away. And this although their first album ``Hotter than Hell`` was not even released at this time and therefore most of the audience should not have known about them.
To compare them directly with the Australian masters would be very foolhardy and not fair at all. But it is fact that ``Hotter than Hell`` contains many catchy tunes and great choruses. But there is still a lack of tmpo changes and rhythm variations what makes the sound after half of the record quite monotonous. Butt his something that many people do also thinka bout AC/DC

Timo Pler

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