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Grinning Shadows

Titel / Title The New Curse 
Label self-released 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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In most cases music from Italy is not completely my cup of tea. It´s either cheesy, or there´s something else that disturbs me. All in all, there´s maybe a hand full of bands, that I really like. Grinning Shadows are definitely among those few bands, after I had the pleasure to listen to their latest output "The New Curse", which is actually their 3rd EP they´ve released since the band had been formed in 2003. So what can you expect when listening to this, unfortunately, rather short piece of music (5 Songs) - expect some Gothic Metal that is mixed with Black Metal like atmosphere and also quite some Classical influences that turn the whole thing into a really nice CD, that is pleasant to listen to - and actually sounds quite fresh and not like stuff you´ve listened to a thousand times before. Despite being only 5 songs long, the CD comes up with a playing time of almost 30 minutes, which is definitely not bad at all. At times the songs are pretty bombastic, but somehow the Italians manage to never overdo it with the epic passages, the keyboard adds some nice melodies and adds the aforementioned Black Metal touch to it and they actually manage to sound good with male and female vocalist - not the usual female whining and male evil vocals the two voices fit together quite perfectly.
Worth mentioning is also the design of the CD, it´s self-released, but has a pretty professional look, sound quality and comes in a nice digipack!

Long story short, if you´re interested in the aforementioned styles of Metal, you should check them out - you might as well call them a less cheesy, much harder and faster version of normal Gothic female/male vocalist fronted bands that are swimming around in the sea of Gothic Metal.
They definitely did everything right with this EP and surely managed to make people curious to hear more of them - let´s hope, that there´s going to be a full length album pretty soon! They surely deserve it!

Cornelia Wickel

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