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Titel / Title Periphery 
Label Roadrunner Records 
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What would a less nuts version of The Dillinger Escape Plan or maybe Meshuggah sound like, if you added some melodies and some other stuff? Well, probably like this: Periphery! Let´s have a look at the band, that lots of Mathcore addicts and fans of related genres are talking about lately. Well, a few line-up changes (mainly vocalists) and some other problems later, accompanied by extensive touring, it´s time for the selftitled debut album from the upcoming Mathcore/Prog hope hailing from Washington D.C.
The band has already been found back in 2004 and if you have a look at what they´ve done so far, it seems like their minds are bubbling over with creativity - how else could you explain, that they´ve recorded well over 100 tracks already and have done some pretty nice Meshuggah coverversions in addition to that. Thanks to providing those songs on the net, they already managed to gather a respectable following all over the world. Due to a growing feedback and also demand for more stuff, they´re still working on improving their online presence. Soon the guys are going to tour in Australia with absolutely crazy Dillinger Escape Plan and right now it seems as if their newest album is a pretty hot thing, since it´s being hyped in the Mathcore-world.
So let´s have a look at what their debut album has to offer. Borders are there for being crossed and broken - this truly seems to the motto. So what can you expect of a band, that´s swimming in the ocean of Meshuggah-ness and other technically manic bands. First of all, please make sure you have a enough time to listen to it, since they compiled no less than 72 (!) minutes of musical madness on their debut! They kick off with "Insomnia" and "The Walk" - no compromise from the very beginning, mad riffing, accompanied by nice melodies - guess you´ll recognize pretty fast, whether you´ll like this CD or not ( wouldn´t have read the review that far, if you weren´t into technical metal bands anyways, I guess). However, while the first one has to offer some nice melodies, the latter one is simply brutal and keeps on throwing heavy stuff at you, that makes your jaw drop. Yet, despite presenting different songs, Periphery manage to create an atmosphere, that makes the songs identifiable as being "Periphery".
In case some fans had been afraid, because a new vocalist had been added to the line-up, I can assure you, that Spencer Sotelo is absolutely capable of handling the diverse songmaterial with ease! If you need a really fast proof of his vocal qualities, give "Zylgrox" a try. Brutal vocals, screaming and melodic parts collide there and Spencer does a damn good job here. You´ll simply love it - apart from the chaotic/mad, yet so organised instrumental fraction - it all fits together! While all songs are somewhere between 3 and 6/7 minutes long, the last track "Racecar" really breaks all border with it´s length of 15 minutes! This is surely nothing for untrained ears. However, this epically long track is just the right ending for this CD - all parts and ideas of songs are being summarized - if a rough overview about what Periphery is all about, is needed, try this song!

So, the only thing, that left to be said in the end is: Periphery can meet the high expectations that people had and still have, for sure! "Periphery" has become an epic album, maybe almost too epic with it´s deadly 72 minutes. However, I´m pretty sure, that fans of this genre will love this piece nevertheless or actually because of that, too! This is a punch in the face of all critics, that had been against them and against the hype that had been bestowed upon them. (Epic)win! Guess we can expect to hear some more stuff of those guys - hopfully very soon!

Cornelia Wickel

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