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Titel / Title Solitaire 
Label Napalm Records 
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The likeable Austrians EDENBRIDGE take off again with their seventh studio album “Solitaire”, two years after their last stunning CD “MyEarthDream”. The album starts with a symphonic intro – many choirs, many melodes. The intro follows forthwith the powerful title track of the album: “Solitaire”, which reminds at a few parts of the “MyEarthDream” title track. Male growl parts were completely abandoned this time. A very new acoustic touch propounds the track “Skyline’s End”. It’s in contrast to every other for the band typical tracks, it introduces new colours to the album and to their previous releases as well. I would say that it is the best song on the album, because of its oriental sounds and melodies, which are pleasing everyone’s ears immediately. Even the two ballads “Out Of This World” and “Brothers Diamir” are not too one-dimensional, no, they were kept melodic as well and are also showing strong and varying guitar riffs. Another song which is different to the others is “A Virtual Dream”. It starts with strong and fast drum beats and partly contains elements of Thrash Metal, accentuated with the powerful voice of front woman Sabine Edelsbacher, who again proves on this album that she’s still developing her voice further and feels comfortable in any pitch. The album ends with an also very symphonic outro with a great orchestra, which is ensuring for a wonderful conclusion. EDENBRIDGE are still staying true to their style, the album is as hard as “MyEarthDream” and they’re submitting with “Solitaire” 11 new stunners. An imposing production from Arne “Lanvall” Stockhammer and very well done records from Sabine Edelsbacher, who gives the songs that certain something with her unique voice. Result: It’s a must for all fans of symphonic music with powerful riffs and drum beats!

Tatjana Ziegler

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