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Chasm, The

Titel / Title The Spell of Retribution 
Label Wicked World 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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There are many skulls on the cover of „The Spell of Retribution“ and looking at the band pictures in the booklet, one thing becomes clear: the three guys from Chasm are not the most cheerful characters. They seem to be very serious, wear very pointy spikes on their arms and also the(what else?) skulls on their clothing bode ill. So what about the music? One has to admit that the performance on the instruments is remarkable, the 'singing' is a matter of taste. It may be death metal, speed death metal even, if there is such a thing. Well, the author of this review has no idea what to do with this sort of sound and is admittedly no expert. Subjective opinion? Shit. Objective opinion: there are undoubtedly people who will really appreciate Chasm and their dark work „The Spell of Retribution“. Hmm, whatever the case may be, get it out of my cd player right now!!!!!

Andy Kuhn

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