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Titel / Title DIO 
Label Frontier Records 
Total run time
66 min 
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DIO is an homage to one of the biggest and best singers in rock/metal of the past 30 years – of course, we´re talking about none other than Ronnie James Dio himself. And who better could pay homage to him than the new “King of Voices”, Jorn Lande. Jorn, who is famous for his distinctive, versatile voice, lets the old songs from the Dio era shine anew and still manages to give them his personal touch. I have to admit that I´ve never been a huge Dio fan but with Jorn Lande´s voice even I like these compositions. Some die-hard Dio fans might be a bit peeved but, let´s be honest, there´s hardly any band out there that hasn´t covered a Dio song and at least these cover songs here will leave you completely unharmed.

The song “Song for Ronnie James” was specifically written by Jorn Lande and the plan was that Ronnie would still be able to listen to the song before he passed. Unfortunately, his disease got the better of him too soon and now he can only listen to the song from heavy metal heaven. A man, who showed many the way to the wonderful world of heavy metal and inspired one or the other to make music themselves. One of them is Jorn Lande and I don´t doubt that Jorn will follow in Ronnie´s footsteps and will become a role model for a whole new generation like Ronnie James Dio was all those years before.

Sandy Mahrer

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