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Titel / Title Dazzling Dawn  
Label Asylum Ruins Records  
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For the reviewer it is extremely distressing to write a negative review about a newcomer band, although they are the ones who really need every kind of support. First of all: I am neither a Death Metal nor a Black Metal fan and I am certainly not a “production” professional. Nevertheless you could easily notice the lack of everything on the "Dazzling Dawn" album by French Eclectika without specific knowledge in the mentioned fields.

Already in the beginning it`s difficult to find out which kind of music Eclectika are doing, officially it´s "Metal / Ambient / Experimental". OK. As much as I appreciate varieties: In this case a clear decision would be helpful `cause the songs are neither fish nor fowl. The opener - fittingly titled "The End" - a pure instrumental song in soundtrack style that tries in vain to create suspense. After that the title track contains everything that should be the character of the whole album: Metal growling, female soprano, guitar solos and all rather rough-and-ready. The metal growls sound now and then hoarse, the female singing is in the background first and later you will figure out why. Ok, she indeed can sing but that doesn`t change the fact that it often ends in whimpers. About the guitar solos I even don`t want to start a discussion, because they all sound just misplaced. The structures of the songs sound more like jam session in the earliest stage, and so does the production. "School band goes Metal". And what isn`t Metal is probably the "Ambient" or the "Experimental" part in Eclectika`s music, those horrorsounds instrumental tracks in between. Further explanations are futile, I really have a headache after I have consumed this record.

Who wants to listen to this kind of music made in a good way should stick with Cradle Of Filth and especially the duet with Liv Kristine, "Nymphetamine"; it must have been something like this what the French had in their minds when they did "Dazzling Dawn" in their rehearsal room in Dijon.

And now excuse me, please, I really need Aspirin.

Stefanie Singh

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