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How To Destroy Angels

Titel / Title How To Destroy Angels (EP) 
Label The Null Corporation  
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Trent Reznor is a musician with heart and soul and a hard-working one as well. His fans know that , therefore news that he wants to let Nine Inch Nails vanish into thin air for a while was taken calmly. He would surprise us with something new soon. How true! After a NIN world tour, Trent Reznor married the West Indian Girl singer Mariqueen Maandig and founded with her and Atticus Ross the band "How To Destroy Angels" this year. No sooner this became public, tracks were available on youtube and now the first self-titled EP has been released.

My first impression: How To Destroy Angels are Nine Inch Nails with a female voice; the voice of Mariqueen Maandig. Trent Reznor doesn`t sing here, the sound is exactly like Nine Inch Nails. About the EP opener "The Space In Between" there is basically nothing negative to say. Well, "basically". No matter how much I try not to draw comparisons: It doesn`t work! The sound is just too familiar! A female voice - no matter how beautiful it is - lets the whole thing sound too poppy.

Track 2, "Parasite" and track 5 "The Believers"are good examples why "Year Zero" will never be one of my favourite NIN albums: lots of sound experiments. Maybe a lot of fun for the sound creators, mostly annoying for the listener. Track 3 evokes memories of "Only" and "Discipline" but apart from that "Fur Lined" is like "The Space In Between", not a bad song. It`s a nice dance track. "BBB" reminds me pretty much of "My Violent Heart" but doesn`t please me at all.

I am confused by How To Destroy Angels. Basically I approve that Reznor has initiated a new project for the musical works with his wife and doesn`t mix it up with the Nine Inch Nails.On the other hand I must say that only "The Space In Between" and "Fur Lined" are ear candy and to build up a whole new project for just for two tracks when you could also put on a NIN album... I think it`s too much effort.The suspense concerning the upcoming full-length album hasn`t been raised by this EP.

Stefanie Singh

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