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Titel / Title Negradonna (II) 
Total run time
41:55 min 
Vö/ReleaseApril 2010 
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Pain can torture in a physical or mental way. To express physical pain in music could be through brutal shouts or ugly dissonance. But the sound of the band Negradonna from Cracow, Poland, is rather harmonic and relaxing. It's about an inner kind of pain which mournfully reflects a dark shape of the soul. A lament on autumnal evenings.

This is the second CD the three sisters Rozalia, Cecylia and Teresa together with their specialist in electronic sound Piotr Madej offer to the wistful listeners; again everything, recording and producing by themselves. For those, who liked the first album will have joy with this second release, too, which follows known structures. Therefore it is rather a continuation than a progression. There isn't a surprise or remarkable change. This might be a sign for authenticity or for a stagnancy. Whatever, some more ideas out of the fields of the unknown and the unheard could be a wish for forthcoming productions.

Nevertheless once again the specific and highly characteristic climate invoke a deeply elegiac carpet of sound. You can sink into the pile and lick on a bright summer day drops from your lips which drip from the leafs of old trees in a park; a condensate of a nocturnal, magical fog, who swallows the light and let mirth become a pale spectre. The first three songs base on more drumlines and percussion than the following three which take a bath in lyrical beauty with the voice of Rozalia accompanied by guitar, violin and a little organ only.

The cover contains the English translations of the Polish lyrics. It's a metaphoric language about wounds, thorns, blood, love and martyrdom with a lot of relation to religious aspects.


1. Kosciol Cierpienia (The Church of Suffering) 6:50
2. Piekielna Ewa (Infernal Eve) 7:28
3. Zakrwawiona Madonna (Bleeding Madonna) 5:20
4. Milosierdzie (Mercy) 4:39
5. Kobieta Nawiedzona (A Haunted Woman) 3:53
6. Litania do Plomienia Milosci (Litany to the Flame of Love) 6:12
7. Wskrzeszona Rozgrzeszona (Ressurected - Absolved) 7:32

Andreas Torneberg

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