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Titel / Title Eisblume 
Label Couvade Records 
Total run time
50:27 min. 
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A siren from German countries lures with her charming voice; sitting dreamy on a mournful island, surrounded by electronic waves. Not rather happy, but generally poppy the lady with light singing and sometimes childlike timbre invites to get into her world.

In the beginning this world doesn't seem to be very unknown - the refrain in the song "Sorrowed Heart Of Sadness" awakes a strong retrospection to the earlier times of Kate Bush. A yearning girl dances on a wood glade, accompanied concertantely by a keyboard orchestra. During the following tracks the voice of the Hamburg singer, composer and producer Christine Westphal reminds a little to Monica Richards (Faith and the Muse). A lot of original and first of all melodic good sounding ideas come together.

Even the sound is melancholic, the mood does not sink down into darkness. The musician tells by herself, she won't flourish on black grounds, but inside of the ambiguous clearness and mysticism of the white. The versatility of the voice and the alterations of the music are quite fascinating; entertaining without becoming superficial - professionally flirting with a kind of immaturity and girlishness. Not icy, rather warm and emotional.

Because of her experiences as a professional producer, Christine Westphal was able to present an aerial transparency of the sound what supports the atmosphere very well. A dreamy album, gentle without aggressivity. In fact, as a debut already released in 2004, this CD became once more in the own label Couvade Records 2009 republished.

01 Sorrowed Heart of Sadness
02 Im a Flower
03 It Would Be a Happy Day
04 Shame on Me
05 Beyond the Haze
06 Mine
07 Allein
08 Beyond My Dawn
09 Nolove
10 Beyond
11 Lost in a Maze
12 A Trip into the Sun

Andreas Torneberg

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