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Pussy Sisster

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Label Black Bards 
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Some of you might know this likeable band already via TV „Goodbye Deutschland“, a show where those guys tried to make it in the USA, because in Germany it didn´t quite work out. Why is difficult to answer, because the band has some success already, like the song „Broken Man“ being nr 4 in Austraian Indie charts for 5 weeks, or Over the Top being nr 2 in Texas´ Rockcharts for 4 weeks. With the EP release „Hot like Hell“ they have been touring 4 weeks in England, and the previous album release got them on a 1-month US tour. It is therefore quite astonishing that their music – hardrock inspired by US-bands – isn´t much more popular over here, too. This CD pleases a rocker´s heart, rocking thrashing songs for headbangers and touching ballads with catchy guitar riffs. Sometimes the vocals sound to nasal, but otherwise there´s nothing to complain about, this CD should be the one to make it also in Europe. And in case it doesn´t happen, those guys are still so young, they still have time to create the perfect album.

Sandy Mahrer

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