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Titel / Title The Funeral Album 
Label Century Media 
Total run time
Vö/Release30 May 2005 
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To be honest - despite our interview with Sami Lopakka - I expected this band anniversary (like with most metal grandmas and grandpas) to be a wondrous resurrection. After this album I have completely changed my mind. "The Funeral Album" is a splendid, dark parting gift and forms the perfect ending to the band's career.

Already with the first song "May today become the day" you can hear the characteristic Sentenced sound and it stays until the end - rocky, dark, melancholy, not entirely serious lyrics and Ville Laihiala's distinctive voice.

As always on Sentenced albums, there are a few songs that stick out from the rest, but this time they have succeeded so well, that they really improve the album and make it even more catchy. "Where Waters Fall Frozen" ... the song title sounds very Sentenced, but as far as the sound of this song is concerned, it's very different. Heavy stuff! In my opinion one of the most daring songs of the album - short, heavy and instrumental. In "Kanu" the guys prove that Finland can also produce Latino melancholy. The last of these waltzing songs is the last song of the album and so the last song of this band's history. Sentenced is out for tears with "End Of The Road": dark, sad, heart breaking singing, bells chiming and if that wasn't enough to put a lump in your throat they add a children's choir. If they could have added visual, tangible elements to this song, it would have been corpses of beautiful women or children on dry ice.

Cover artwork, production, songs, lyrics... I haven't found anything to complain about.

Samira Alinto

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