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Titel / Title Böses Blut  
Label Black Bards 
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Vö/Releasebereits veröffentlicht/already released 
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Böses Blut is the fourth album of those German medieval-Metallers. Honestly I have never heard anything about this band before, and I wonder why. The lyrics are good, and the music even 10 times better, really captivating! Okay you have to admit that the band reminds a lot of In Extremo and Subway To Sally, especially because of those German lyrics, but I think any band offering such a combination would have to face this comparison. Sometimes the vocal melody sounds disharmonic, e.g. the title track „Böses Blut“, and therefore some tracks are slowly getting on your nerves. I think that this band can be developed so much further, especially when they pay more attention to the combination of music and vocals. Ingrimm are definitely talented musicians with a very interesting singer.

1) Die Pest
2) Tempus Fugit
3) Böses Blut
4) Eisenwind
5) Stella Maris
6) Stein auf Stein
7) Ad Bestias
8) Der Rabe
9) Mörder
10) Wasser zu Wein
11) Flammenfest
Special: Festival Live Mitschnitt

Sandy Mahrer

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