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Titel / Title Cantara Anachoreta  
Label Tunguska 
Total run time
82:11 min. (2 CD) 
Vö/ReleaseMai 2010 

Gloomy. Heavy. Already the evil cover design introduces that it´s no music for the happy sunshine hour. Gothic metal from Germany mixed with pagan- and doom metal and decorated with middle-aged tunes as with melodic influences of Celtic folk. The mystical, dark artwork of the visually nice made double-CD leads continuously also through the booklet with art and lyrics.

The drawing of a winged dragon on both CDs reminds on the old design of the debut in the year 1997. Yes, "Cantara Anachoreta" is an old classical piece which was over ten years first outsold and than off from the market, because their label Ars Metalli crashed. But the new label Tunguska Records awaked this historical piece again to life; in a new production and mixing by Harris Johns (Kreator, Voivod, Sodom, Einstürzende Neubauten) and enriched by the till now never published song "Beautiful wolves".

In the beginning the dramatic staginess could sound pretty nostalgic - without the knowledge about the re-release - just in the 90th style of dark metal. The the clear, silent and relaxed voice of female singer Willowcat accompanies the changeable performance of the musician, who stands behind the whole project, formerly known as Moonshadow, now simply called Sid. Unleashed shout-crying, animal harsh roaring, sonorous singing and whispering recitation show a large spectrum of different expressions. This record definitely is no easy-listening-act, but needs because of the varying temper and variations of styles a concentrate listening. In between some melodic reveries meet straight heavy doom riffs. Magic pathetic lyrics build the lyrical underground. Light and shadow let this work become exciting and construct a musical but narrative bridge.

Because of this versatility even people, who like pagan metal a la Hel or Menhir , as friends of gothic sounds in the direction of Theatre of Tragedy should be satisfied with this album. It doesn´t open new horizons, but is an ambitious invitation to a journey into dark rooms of a rich fantasy.

1. Prologue
2. Baleias
3. Descending Messiah
4. Requiem Ex Sidhé
5. The Endless Dance

6. Beautiful Wolves
7. Goodbye To Jane
8. Her Orphaned Throne
9. Epilogue

Andreas Torneberg

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