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Blind Guardian

Titel / Title At the Edge of Time 
Label Nuclear Blast 
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Four years passed by since the last soccer world championships, four years passed by since the last Guardian release – it seems as Guardian have meanwhile figuered out their release rhythm. If somebody needs such a long time to complete a work, he certainly has to convince with quality – and this especially in a such fast living business like the music business.
Maybe the two last releases did not convince all purists and doubters, but the songwriting was absolutely state of the art. All of those purists can now take a deep breath and enjoy ``At the Edge of Time``. First of all, the flow of the songs is much better. Secondly, Guardian found again some elements which thought to be forgotten: thrashing guitars! Songs like `A Voice in the Dark` and `Tanelorn (Into the Void)` even enter the Slayer dimension, but they are really more than just copies of old works.
But ``At the Edge of Time`` has of course much more to offer. So the midtempo hymns with it great choruses shall not miss – for example `Road of no release` and `Valkyries` - as well as the ballades. But the real hammer are the sons of Guardian`s orchester project, on which they work for several years now: `Sacred Worlds` and `Wheel of Time` are the absolute best songs I have ever heard, combining metal and classic elements, even better than the mighty `And then there was silence`. There won`t actually be any other song in future showing the intensity, bombast and perfect songwriting of these tracks!
So ``At the Edge of Time`` has everything a perfect metal album needs – and even more: Blind Guardian succeeded in doing the impossible: They have created an album reflecting ALL periods of their entire carrier. The mark for the album of the year has been set!

Timo Pässler

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