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Beati Mortui

Titel / Title Let the Funeral Begin 
Label Danse Macabre Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen7already released  

Finnish band Beati Mortui, who already got people interested with their debut CD All But Dreams Will Die and their support slot for Das Ich, have released a new album called Let The Funeral Begin. And, to get straight to the point, this album will for sure increase their popularity in the EBM/Gothic scene even more.

Almost all ten songs (there´s also an intro and outro on the album) are absolute dancefloor fillers. Especially, the pounding Vision of Hell and Soulreaper should be instant dancefloor hits. But Beati Mortui are not satisfied with following well-trodden EBM paths but seek to bring in a bit of variation, too. With several songs singer Maria switches between growls and clear vocals and sometimes like with “Deathrow”, featuring Bruno Kramm from Das Ich as a guest singer, electric guitars make their way into the foreground. However, there´s still some room for improvement because the CD as a whole can get a bit tiresome here and there. This is, though, only a very small point of critique especially when considering the fact that the album is not intended as a holistic artwork but it´s only meant to deliver some danceable songs. And that´s what Beati Mortui do impeccably.

By the way, there´s also a limited Digi-pack version of this album including a second CD with remixes from amongst others Suicide Commando or Machine Park. Even more fodder for the dancefloor!

02: Vision of Hell
05: Deathrow
07: Soulreaper
08: All is Good (The Demon)

01: Painting (intro)
02: Vision of Hell
03: Prey
04: Let the Funeral Begin
05: Deathrow (feat. Bruno Kramm)
06: Sanctimonious
07: Soulreaper
08: All is Good (The Demon)
09: Touch me not
10: Alone
11: Musta Surma
12: ...Obsequiae (outro)

Andreas Fuchs

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