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Northland from Spain release their debut album here, and mastermind Pau M. Had to endure a lot of setbacks in previous years before got the band on track. Constant line up changes and a split-up doesn´t make it easier to make a mark in the business. Before that I haven´t heard a Spanish band that makes this kind of music, and musically there´s nothing to complain about. The musicians handle their instruments with skill and typical folklore tunes get you on a journey into the past. The only thing to critisize – there could be more diversity on this album, regarding the music and the vocals. And something to critisize is also this song „Distant Land“, with a female guest singer, but the voices don´t match, there are some more wrong tones, and the tender voice of the lady is totally lost in that song. Very interesting: „The Old Town’s Inn“ which reminds a lot of Finntroll or Ensiferum erinnert, but the tunes are real ear candy, you simply have to like this track. Nice to hear something new from Spain that sounds convincing, and if they even out those few rough elements, this band might be popular in our area soon, too.

Sandy Mahrer

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