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Reckless Love

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As frontman Olli Herman is the second singer of Crashdïet, who he left to focus more on Reckless Love, you could expect a song like "Riot In Everyone" while listening to the intro of "Feel My Heat", due to the helicopter sounds and the police sirens. But then the funny guitar sounds of Pepe begins as if to say: "Don`t take life too seriously, you won`t get out alive anyway..." They start with "Feel My Heat" quite smoothly, with a catchy chorus. The whole load of high spirits comes then with "One More Time". Who cannot smile at least once while listening to this song has either no sense of humour or doesn`t care about "tongue-in-cheek Glam-Rock / Hair Metal" in general. Because this is exactly the music style of the four Finns from Kuopio, just like Steel Panther, even if their are not sexist and raunchy. Speaking of "Sex": There is a semi-ballad with that title, you can listen to it during coitus - if you don`t mind connecting humour with eroticism...

Track 3, "Badass", is my favourite song because here the humour and image thing don`t matter, it just rocks and you won`t get it out of your head easily. "Yeah-Yeah-Yeah-Yeah"preludes the poser metal track "Love Machine", followed by the song occasionally heard on radio: "Beautiful Bomb", for me the weakest song of the whole record by far, the keyboard melody sounds very poppy, like the customised radio hit. It hardly represents the music of Reckless Love. A much better choice is the current single release "Romance", a rock anthem and one of the highlights of their debut album.

After the already mentioned "Sex" it goes then "Back To Paradise" and the sound of this song has often been compared zu KISS` "I Was Made For Lovin` You"... I wouldn`t have thought of that myself. However, "Wild Touch" is unmistakable strongly "inspired" by Bon Jovi`s "Runaway" and even though Reckless Love and Steel Panther are different, they have one important thing in common: It´s not only about image, poses or parody - they are also skilled musicians, shown e.g. by the brilliant guitar solo on "So Yeah!!". Finally "Born To Rock" makes an end to this collection of euphoria, unfortunately, but luckily every stereo has a repeat button.

Stefanie Singh

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