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Spiral Dogma

Titel / Title Bacteria Stigma 
Label Des Bruits De Casseroles 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released  
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First it has to be mentioned that itīs not easy to find out something about this band, there is hardly anything to be found on their website or myspace. And there should be hidden information on the website – have fun looking for it. According to myspace, the band is from France and produces sinister Electro /Alternative Industrial Rock sounds, and I assume that Bacteria Stigma is their debut album. In the beginning your reaction is „OMG what is this“ - pretty lame sounds and whining – luckily itīs only the beginning, followed by much more interesting and energetic tracks. Partly itīs like the tougher version of Muse, and the nicely fitting high pitch vocals are sometimes slightly off. Spiral Dogma try something new all the time, this makes their music interesting. Check them out on myspace, in order to find out if this is music for your taste.

Sandy Mahrer

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