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Titel / Title The City of Dreaming Spires 
Label Pate Records 
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„The City of Dreaming Spires” is pointed at Oxford where this album was produced, and it is the 3rd record of the band Curbs from Vienna. When you hear who they had supported already you wonder why you haven´t heard more aobut them: besides Snow Patrol also the Swedes Mando Diao in Vienna, this might have kickstarted their career at least in Austria. I have to admit that Britpop osn´t quite my thing, but Curbs are not as annoying as other bands in this genre. Who rather prefers the mellower Pop sound should definitely check them out, because their songs are nice for chill out and dreaming along. This is one thing to criticize, the album is a bit too slow, you´re waiting for something faster, at least one song. There are e.g. the more lively „ The World“ and „Dirty Mind“ but it takes almost until the end of the song to have sparks fly. In the end there´s also the great song „Teddy The Rat“ - my personal highlight. Yet again, it´s a question of taste, therefore you better listen to the album teasers yourselves at myspace. Yet it´s clear that this is ear candy and despite the clear orientation you´ll find enough diversity.

Sandy Mahrer

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