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Destination Anywhere

Titel / Title Party, Love & Tragedy 
Label FNR 
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Unpacking this record I was a bit shocked, as a Rock fan, and the first thought was – what is this? It´s a Rock/Punk Band and there´s a Kitsch pink birthday cake that Paris Hilton would have enjoyed. The second thought – hopefully it doesn´t sound like that. Luckily there was a nice surprise, the music of Destination Anywhere isn´t Kitsch pink at all!
The band was founded in 2006 and appealed to many with their mixture of Pop-Punk and Ska elements. Now the latest CD „Party, Love & Tragedy“ could not have a better title, because everything on this album is exactly about that, lyrics and compositions fit together, with the rhythm section guitar, bass and drums and then the brass section alto saxophon, tenor saxophon, trumpet and horn – simply great. And it comes with a lot of charme, humour and this portion of tragedy. Somehow no other voice than David´s could work with this kind of music – or the other way round. The album mainly contains up-tempo songs, but „You Make Me Drown“ is a beautiful slow song, sung by David with a lot of emotions and feeling. And the opener „How you feel“ says it all: „The more I hear the less I know / Living is a fake pop show“ - so true. Everything fits perfectly on this album, no doubt about it.

Sandy Mahrer

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