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Titel / Title Underwatermoon 
Label Twilight Vertrieb 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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Upon hearing the opening track of Winterhordeīs Underwatermoon, I thought this would be an odd attempt at some Queen inspired garbage- itīs not. The music here is pretty good. The second track makes a grand departure from this, combining ethereal sounds with some pretty hard riffs and nice progressions and then continues to move right along the whole CD. I donīt really have much to compare this to- this CD is definitely different. I hear a little bit of everything here- from Rush to Iced Earth to Orphaned Land to something with really interesting progressions and tempo changes evolving into something really beautiful. The music is never boring and I think fans of Borknagar (due to the song structures) might really dig this piece of work, a fresh break from so much of the stale crap that seems to be coming out today.

Lann Davis

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