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Dr. John

Titel / Title Tribal 
Label Proper Records 
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This man can look back on a 50 year career. Born in 1940 in New Orleans – therefore it´s clear where Dr. John (Melcome John Rebennack Jr.) found his influences. His new album „Tribal“ shows once again his wide range of musical talents. His music is a mixture of various cultures, besides Rock and Funk you can hear clearly from the first song that this is „Voodoo Music“ . Therefore this album also contains Voodoo-, Creole- und Mardi Gras-chants and adds to the feeling that you are right in the middle of New Orleans, plus the feeling of the streets in Louisiana, that comes right into your living room. A great follow-up to the 2008 Grammy-crowned album „The City that care Forgot“. Who wants a bit of Voodoo magic in the record collection should get this one.

Sandy Mahrer

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