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Mary Gauthier

Titel / Title The Foundling 
Label Proper Records 
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The story told on this album is not easy to digest. It´s about a foundling, born in 1962 by an unmarried mother and then handed over to the St. Vincent’s women and children asylum in New Orleans. This child was adopted a short time later, but abandoned by the adoption family 15 years later. The search for the birth mother took many years, and when she finally found her birth mom with the age of 45, this mother didn´t want to re-open wounds that she carried around for so long once again.
This is the story of Mary Gauthier herself. With her new album „The Foundling“ she tries to explain to herself how she felt and why she became who she is. Perhaps maybe also to make one or the other mother question the decision to give up her baby, if the situation really was that hopeless. The album is filled with emotional songs, played in a very simple style with guitar, drums and harmonica that also carries a lot of New Orleans feeling. Mary Gauthier’s fine voice isn´t flawless but distinctive, and this is appealing despite a certain gloomy atmosphere. This album helped Mary to deal better with her sitation so that she can live in peace now. You can only wish that she finds some happiness, too, and that this album perhaps also helps people in a similarly difficult situation.

Sandy Mahrer

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