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Titel / Title Men At Work 
Total run time
40:49 min. 
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A crisp rolling rock product the Kings & Killers - from a small village between Altona and Sachsenwald originating - do offer here. The sound could have been 15 to 20 years ago one of the hammers and flushed the band in the commercial frenzy of grunge to the top. Now the rumbling indeed stays very bold and goes right off well, but does not mean the climax of disarming all news. Perhaps we have reached a time, when you could name such music as timeless. It does not have to be all superactual, the invocation of pre-owned structures can contribute to enriching the rock, grunge-heavy guitar-lover. And this disc does in any case!

The singer is real upper class from the North German rain delta. With his clear, strong voice in a higher pitch, he provokes the memory to vocalists like Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), but without the aggressiveness, without screaming, without Deep Purple-like attitudes, rather harmoniously balanced. Kings & Killers serve no anger, but melodic rock, partly pop structures involved Guitars and drums build a rich HQ carpet on which the voice in the foreground spreads the pattern.

The first three tracks move the roast already fully into the tube, at song Numero 4, "Transitions", we start with a very quiet ballad, a beautiful relaxing thing, but then after a while it turns and becomes wilder. "My Fate" is a very well made track in the mid-tempo; the guitar dreams a little bit in the style of Josh Homme, well, the different moods from slow and thoughtful to high foaming form a thrill which changes through an atmospheric sound of screaming wind to the next song, a melancholy, quiet Blues - this one uncovers in the brain those psychedelic moments when John Garcia (Kyuss) fell into plaintive contemplation.

Also a nice album cover. All a round thing. Hard to believe that this is a debut and somehow no record company behind it boosts sales. That would be a question for an interview: Who produced the record and all this financed? Anyhow, these guys deserve support.

P.S.: Regarding the production we got just after the publication of this review the explanation by the band: "We have arranged everything by ourselves - written, texted, recorded and produced. We have also all self-financed or are still in the process of doing that."

One more reason to listen carefully to Kings & Killers, to check their concerts, to buy the CD...

Christian Adameit (vocals, bass)
Timon Fenner (drums)
Kai Stuffel (guitars, backing vocals)

1. Pushing Me
2. Men At Work
3. Fear
4. Transitions
5. Past Erased
6. Come Around
7. My Fate
8. Same Place
9. Act
10.Reach Out

Andreas Torneberg

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