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Titel / Title Down Low 
Label Roadrunner 
Total run time
Vö/Release06 Jun 2005 
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Even though the interview in the current issue of Stalker brings up some questions, like how it is possible that an Israelian band has no opinion whatsoever about politics, you have to appreciate what the band have done on this album. "Down Low" is like a sledge hammer, extremely uncompromising and so energetic that one can only hope Betzefer will come and wreak some havoc on German stages soon. The record is a perfect whole, which also means that none of the songs really stick out quality wise, and the quality is continuously excellent. Metal heroes like Sepultura and Pantera have definitely had some influence here. But Betzefer don't just copy, they make use of them and process them into something breathtaking. Full throttle, brilliant!

Andy Kuhn

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