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The Birthday Massacre

Titel / Title Pins And Needles 
Label Metropolis Records 
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The 6-headed band THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE from Canada are back with a new successful album named “Pins And Needles”, 3 years after the release of their last CD. You can hear consistently the band´s typical synthetic sounds, which partly give a dreamy atmosphere, especially for example on “Always”. The slightly faster song “Control” contains parts where the voice of singer Chibi was changed into a kind of robot voice that makes the song quite exceptional. All in all the album is kept in average speed – partly with harder riffs, like on “Red Stars” from the previous album “Walking With Strangers”, which are rounded off with a melodic chorus. The only slower song is “Secret”, the last song on the album, which provides a calm ending and was therefore the best choice for this purpose. Every song is a successful production; particularly you can hear Chibi’s vocal qualities clearly in every song, what wasn’t the case on the earlier albums. On “Pins And Needles” it has no bigger stylistic differences from a bit harder to soft, compared to the predecessor “Walking With Strangers”. It doesn’t get boring; all songs are showing variety. The album is worth hearing – not only for every fan of THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, but for friends of electronic, synthetic melodies who also like rock.

Tatjana Ziegler

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