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Titel / Title Red Silent Tides 
Label AFM Records 
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“Red Silent Tides” is the sixth album of this band that was founded in 1997. After the acoustic album „Two Tragedy Poets and a Caravan of weird Figures“ released in 2008, it was once again time for a CD with their typical sophistication and ear candy potential. The second track „The Last Hour“ is already pretty irresistible, you simply have to sing along. As usual, those Italians Elvenking unite Powermetal and Folk influences with a fresh attitute, therefore it never gets boring. Although the voice of Damna is nothing special so that you could define it as unique, he is a skilful singer and handles his talent much better than others in this genre, and the voice also fits perfectly to the music. Elvenking Fans can be looking forward to a new atmospheric Album.

01. Dawnmelting 4:09
02. The Last Hour 4:38
03. Silence De Mort 4:27
04. The Cabal 4:20
05. Runereader 5:24
06. Possession 4:07
07. Your Heroes Are Dead 3:55
08. Those Days 4:06
09. This Nightmare Will Never End 4:47
10. What´s Left Of Me 4:39
11. The Play Of The Leaves 5:30

Sandy Mahrer

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