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The Hollow Circle

Titel / Title November 
Label Lamette Records 
Total run time
33:22 min. 
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Gothic Rock. Gloomy sounds of morbid romanticism from the tombs of the ancient ones such as the Fields of the Nephilim, Joy Division or the Sisters of Merci. Often terms like Post Punk or New Wave brought together, but this shade-loving trio from the area around Italy's Leaning Tower serves with their CD "November" rather quiet rock. It is still the status of a Promo-CD, "recorded in three days; guitar, drums and bass without post editing" as singer and guitarist for the band, The Fly, writes. Yes, some cracks and crunches as yet, the duo singing is not quite at peace, but it drives into a direct live-spontaneity.

The songs are rather simple and plain, but just because of this effective. A dry bass together with great played drums are beautifully combined to compositions with an electric guitar which likes to dream in spacy and even psychedelic grounds, but inside of dark and melancholy mood. It is these almost spherical guitar riffs which give the music characteristic feature.

The introduction is purely instrumental. By the second track "Stop" the talented guitarist starts with the vocals, and here something disturbs the tune. In fact, the voice is reserved and shares also verbally with lyrics about loss and decline the existing depression, but it lacks tension. Easier for those, who scream and shout, but especially when used sparingly with melody and expression, should be felt in the calm a movement. The minimalism here is not yet mature. Since it would be desirable if The Fly could polish for a final CD version at the voice part to integrate it into the otherwise beautiful instrumental part.

Generally, the trio produced a truly beautiful, charismatic old-school sound. Unspectacular, but also relaxed and entertaining. An album for the early autumn, when the rain trickles down on the windowpane while inside the candles barely reflect of the black painted walls.

01. The Vampire´s Tragedy (intro)
02. Stop
03. Wild Flowers In The Morning
04. Shine
05. Revenge
06. The Hollow Circle
07. Return
08. Human Fly
09. Amor Psycho (outro)

The Fly (vocals, guitar)
Ermy Styx (bass)
Mr. Voodoo (drums)

Andreas Torneberg

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