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Titel / Title Sign of Angels 
Label Frontiers Records 
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ISSA stands for the beautiful 26-year old front woman Issa (Isabell Oversveen) herself and those high class musicians, well-known via bands like Masterplan, Helloween and Nick Lachey. According to the label, this new discovery from Norway should be a mixture of Brother Firetribe and Treat, therefore you would expect a powerful Rock voice with diversity and music like from 80s hairspray bands. I was therefore quite surprised to find out via their video, that this could be Norway´s next Eurovision Songcontest entry. That lady who poses like Britney can indeed sing and the music is good, but the genre used for this comparison is simply far out. And a fan of this genre might feel insulted, because should that mean that the bands mentioned are doing Pop music? I don´t want to put this lady into a bad light, here voice is good – but this is not a Melodic Rock Newcomer of the year, rather the new Poprockqueen, emphasis on Pop. Her voice is simply too fine and thin to call it rock vocals, and the music is rather mainstream. Therefore rather get prepared for Britney Spears than Doro Pesch. But this is once again a proof that some people think, a sexy girl is enough to re-define a whole Metal genre.

Sandy Mahrer

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