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Sole Remedy

Titel / Title Apoptosis 
Label Aftermath Music 
Total run time
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Hey, finally a progressive metal album that stands out from the masses. It contains everything, from melodic songs like “The Burden” till mid-tempo songs like “Wolf In Me”, yet the 5 lads aren’t too fine to change the tempo during a song (it’s innovative compared to the stuff which had been rotating on my turntable recently) and to assimilate extremely unusual riffs and breaks in their assortment. It partly turns even quite close to the alternative area, what doesn’t harm the hardness and the pressure of this stuff here. However, the production has a problem: On low volume level the album partly sounds pasty and muddy, but it changes outstandingly if you turn up the volume. It’s quasi a social album, the neighbours also have the rewards for it :) Is there anything else to say? Purchase recommendation for every fan of Porcupine Tree and Meshuggah, and an advice to the rest: Walk into the record store and buy it!

Markus Seibel, transl. Tatjana Ziegler

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