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Titel / Title Rainbow Warrior 
Label Walther Music 
Total run time
17:21 min. 
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Bornholm. An island buffeted by wind and waves. This rock is rocked by Foxy . The trio evokes the nostalgic spirit of an era of rock and blues rock with a warmth and intensity which beam straight into the 70's. Beam me up, Johnny - Johnny Walther is not only excellent on the electric guitar with a sound that recalls directly to old-time Cream, Eric Clapton with a spoonful of Hendrix. The man also has a massive vocal organ that can go through without delay as a twin gun by Joe Cocker with a slight tremolo of Roger Chapman. Lion Kure on bass and Per Mousing on percussion round out the matter from full.

The boys have squeezed four tracks on a disc which already provides a great sound and some heavy rumour in the speakers. And even if this EP is only 17 minutes - each of these minutes is worthwhile because there's no weakening to notice. Who loves good driving old style blues rock should unfold once the ear lobes. Nothing brandnew. No revolutionary new sound or idea behind it. The tunes appeal familiar and even known. Obviously that here three weathered warriors with some experience of the decades are at work, and such kind of voice you donīt get by drinking soda or to inhale fresh sea wind only.

The first two songs slide really fat and impulsive into the ears. "Go Find A Way" is more slow and therefore blues-heavy. "Rainbow Warrior" starts with a small instrumental Santana-like insert and develops powerful rocking. On their Myspace site you can listen to these songs directly, but only as a thin-shrink MP3 version - but you do not have the real drive of a physical record, the portion on this is of course much fuller and more true. The double-sided inserts with the Flower Power "Foxy" logo fits the mood of a bygone era, here into the old-fashioned timeless transported. Very nice, finally not the latest craze. On the island, time seems to pass any slower.

1. Thanks To Heaven 3:21
2. Back On The Track 4:24
3. Go Find A Way 5:13
4. Rainbow Warrior 4:20

Andreas Torneberg

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