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Titel / Title Ghosts And Good Stories 
Label Tiefdruck Musik 
Web www.myspace.com/myruin
Total run time
45:54 min. 
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Among the couples, who cook together musically, include Mr and Mrs Murphy from LA and have their stove turned up to the maximum. Hot stuff. And quite complex in terms of influences, references and flow of ideas. In order to discover all that it would be recommended to listen to the album a few dozen times- and it does not help: buy it and produce with the speakers burn marks on the wallpaper. In principle, one should short time rummaging through the musical band history, to recognize one thing: this is Metalcore Trash Rock `n'Roll uncompromising as ever. Spontaneously as hell.

"Ghosts and Good Stories" is the band´s sixth studio album on which Mick Murphy has played all the instruments himself. Although the bass gorgeous rumbles and the drums convinces with various rhythmic ideas, you recognize from the beginning that Mick´s Tennessee soul awakes in the dominant, electric guitar to life. "Ghosts" may be acoustical or in memory existing ancestors, who already in the first track sabbath-dark haunt through the work. Heavy riffs carry the album on which the deep voice of Tairrie B. starts to recite her lyrics. Language is important for the lady, who in the very origin started from the rapping hip hop scene of Los Angeles. Here she conceptually squeezes blood, sweat and tears from God and the devil.

When reciting it does not last long. "Long Dark Night" is shouted until the microphone is bursting. In "Excommunicated" nothing becomes more civilized, what predestines this record for: metalheads, hard rockers and punks. The storm is rolling from beginning to end through the living-room - with the female growls like an apocalyptic toilet flush which all pulls into the abyss. We are not here to chill, but bitter to shred, punctuated by fine solos that demonstrate Micks delightful dexterity on the strings. This guitar passages have absolutely what 70s-like. Rest is not really, but it is about anything but simple metal noise - this is enraged Underground core.

Generally, the record consists of a continual dialogue between voice and guitar, inciting each other musically and copulating.


01. Diggin´ For Ghosts
02. Long Dark Night
03. Excommunicated
04. Eyes Black
05. Money Shot
06. Abusing The Muse
07. La Cuidad
08. Suicide Tuesday
09. Saviourself
10. Malediction
11. Repose
12. Turned Out
13. Death Knell

Andreas Torneberg

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