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Titel / Title Hasentotenkopfpiraten 
Label Newtone 
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Randale from Bielefeld, GER, have been making Rock music for children since 2004, released 4 CDs and sold about 30.000 items. The new album „Hasentotenkopfpiraten“ is a mixture of Rock, Punk, Pop and Metal spiced with Ska, Reggae, Disco and Folk. The lyrics deal with pirates, the fire brigade, crazy chicken, saying NO, the 9 planets and the glory of being a rock band. The music is really good and it´s great that there is Rock music available for children. And the majority of lyrics is indeed intelligent and appropriate, however, things like „Doofi“ (="Idiot") are not quite necessary, or alluding to beer all the time in the lyrics of „Geburtstagslied“ . This should not be part of a CD for children, because many may be confronted with alcohol because of their parents anyway, so no need for making a song about it. „Mach dich Locker“ is another case, although the singer is referring to himself when it comes to excersizing and losing weight, but naturally it´s also targeted to children who might be under a lot of pressure already by their parents for not looking as they should look like. Inappropriate topics if the point is rather letting go and having fun. Children are under a lot of pressure in their everyday lives anyway, therefore lyrics should be reassessed.

Sandy Mahrer, transl.K Weber

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