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Moottörin Jyrinä

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A new genre - Heavy Metal for children/toddlers – is on the rise, in Finland nowsadays Hevisaurus makes huge profits with CD sales and sells out Tavastia club, something other Metal acts could just dream of. Moottörin Jyrinä („motor thunder“) had such an idea in 2000 and now release their debut album, mainly featuring their own songs, musically in Sonata Arctica-Manowar-Iron Maiden-style. Very melodic, mid-tempo, lyrics deal with bed-time, baby teeth, pirates, teddy bears, Santa Claus or the warning that eating snow causes bellyache – in short, appropriate issues for children. No wonder, band members Jaakko Halttunen and Marko Skou met at their work place, a Kindergarten and developed this idea there. The intro, a fairy-tale how the band was born, emphasises peace and tolerance. There are also 2 coverversions with new lyrics, a Tarot song and Helloween´s „Future World“ (Huvipuistossa), „Unen Sankari“ is a nice ballad to round up this album, and personally I like Aleksi Parviainen more when he sings deeper than this Eunuch-Metal register.
I have to admit that I felt tempted to introduce this CD to adult Metal fans who do not speak Finnish, because I bet they would not have noticed anything, except perhaps this target-group orientated „fleecy-fluffy“ sound... Therefore I think this CD will surely also appeal to Metal parents, as I cannot say how the target group would react, but you can test that yourself with the Metal lullaby here: – the band homepage is unfortunately in Finnish only, and the CD seems to be available only via or

Klaudia Weber

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