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Von Bøøm

Titel / Title Punkrock Terrorists 
Label FDA Rekotz 
Total run time
31 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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Since 1984, von Bøøm from the Middle Swedish Karlskoga are already around as punk rock terrorists. So why not call your new album like that, too? It’s exactly what they do - the guys really know how to terrorise the listener with their music. Dirty, snotty rocknroll unmistakably influenced by alcoholic beverages. According to the thank you notes, those are primarily Jägermeister and Beck’s beer. Alright then!

Musically, there are really no “high notes” here but who needs them anyway? Thus, the mission of the band must have been to appeal to the rudimentary stimulus-response system of the listener. With the lyrics, it’s a bit different. Even though, all but two songs are in Swedish, (but as a German you can easily guess about the meanings and sometimes it’s even right) it’s clear that they are about other things then party and booze. You get a sweeping swipe at quite many bogeymen: Nazis, the pope, “upperclass whores”, and, Attention!!! cool word, “domedagsprofeter” or simply at the whole mankind in general. And if you want some more Swedish vocabulary, try this: “Misstro, Ignorans, Blod, Svett Och Tårar” – so there’s even something you can learn from von Bøøm! Very laudable!

Kathleen Gransalke

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