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The Carnivales

Titel / Title While We´re Young 
Label Standstraight Music 
Total run time
38 min 
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Attention, Mando Diao and Kings of Leon! The competition never sleeps. How should a record sound from the first second on? Refreshing and uplifting and that´s exactly the case with While We´re Young by The Carnivales. Already the opener Paid My Dues gets the listener into the right mood for a powerful and young album that is full to the brim with songs that rock. The Swedes are all about 20 years old and While We´re Young is their debut album.

Musically, the guys do everything right. Whether it´s the guitars or the drums, everything harmonises with each other perfectly. Together with the easy-to-recognise voice of singer Espen Janson you have an album that can only be recommended to everyone. Mando Diao and Kings of Leon are officially water under the bridge, The Carnivales simply top those two acts. Another seriously awesome band from Sweden.

Sandy Mahrer

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