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Titel / Title A Discord Electric 
Label Lifeforce 
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The Danish Raunchy are some exceptional band. Exceptional because it seems that they do not have any problems in arranging the oppositional styles and songs with really tough, aggressiv riffs on the one side and absolutely sweet, almost-pop melodies on the other side. And I have never found a band that managed to integrate clean and rough vocals so perfectly in a song as Raunchy do.
That`s it so far how Raunchy works. But where are the differences between the last ``Wasteland Discotheque`` and the new ``A Discord Electric``? Well, first of all, the songs are much more difficult to access. Most of them are in Midtempo, what makes the album as a whole a bit harder to consume. Also the guys concentrated this time more to the riffs instead of writing beautiful melodies. But what I really miss in comparison to the last output are the rather silent, almost accoustic passages, which made the last album so perfect.
Don`t get me wrong! ``A Discord Electric`` is far from being bad or just boring – songs like `Dim the lights and run` are just to good for that! But actually this one does not reach the quality of the last album at all.

Timo Pässler

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