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The Way Of Purity

Titel / Title Crosscore 
Label The Trip Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasealready released 
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This band is a little mysterium. Who are they? No idea. Where are they from? No idea (well, rumours say they´re from Sweden). No proper band picture or any other fancy stuff, that normally bands attach importance to, in order to create a complete works.
The only thing you know is that they play Death Metal, or at least you think they do, since the promoflyer suggest that. They consider their music to be the most important thing - all other information, apart from the message that music and lyrics communicate, is, like we could´ve already guessed, insignificant. So far, so good, so what´s “The Way of Purity“ all about?

One thing you can find out/ hear immediately is the fact, that there´s at least one woman in the band, who´s in charge of the vocals and, more important, that this is not Death Metal what you hear on „Crosscore“, it´s rather Metalcore with a Death touch (and somehow then the album name makes sense. Music Core, and lyrics religious...Crosscore). You got brutal female vocals, you got some blast parts and a dark atmosphere. They might have a „concrete message“, as they call it, but the material is definitely not uberly exciting. Quite brutal during the first 3 songs, but it gets a bit boring, until you hear, all over a sudden, clean female vocals at the beginning of „The Rise of Noah“. That songs sounds more like Lacuna Coil with the gothic touch, that the mix of brutal and clean vocals creates - if it wasn´t for the blasting in the background, you could really call it Gothic Metal here. So that´s actually a song, where the whole mix starts to get a bit more interesting. Same goes for the following „Loyal Breakdown of Souls“, that comes with some nice melodies. Too bad, that it´s not done more often. There are always some interesting approaches and ideas in almost every song, but somehow they´re never pursued. They say, their music comes from where God and Satan, good and evil are the same – so for the concept, you should actually invest some time to go through the lyrics and see what it´s all about. For a full-length, the CD is rather short with it´s 29 minutes, though long enough for the material itself.

All in all, a solid, at times brutal album, but it´s definitely lacking some freshness. It´s not completely bad, don´t get me wrong, but a mysterious story around a band doesn´t make up a lack of interesting songs.

Cornelia Wickel

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