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The Rotted

Titel / Title Anarchogram 
Label Anarchogram Industries 
Total run time
Vö/Releasealready released 
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Wanna have a little snack? The Rotted, formerly known as Gorerotted, just released a nice short Death Metal EP. Death Metal band with a CD name that sounds more like it could be from some punk band? Exactly, that´s how the music sounds like. „Anarchogram“ is Death Metal mixed with UK Punk. And that this mix works fairly well can be heard right away on the two new songs „Drink Myself To Death“ and „Dawn Of A New Erorr“. Dirty, brutal and snotty. Apart from two new songs, they added four coversongs to the CD. Please don´t roll your eyes right away and complain about how uneccessary it is, to add tons of coversongs that no one needs. In this case they´re really good: „Iron Fist“ (Motörhead), „Propaganda“ (Sepultura), „Deathcrush“ (Mayhem) und „Out Of Hand“ (Entombed) have been recorded in a great way. You can clearly recognize the songs, but The Rotted added their very own stamp to the songs to make them unique. Especially the version of Entombed´s „Out Of Hand“ is a perfect match, since their mangy way of playing Death Metal came to mind immediately, as soon as I had heard the first tunes of this EP.
So, this is the perfect music for those, who are into extreme Metal. Go and get it, it´s available on the band´s official homepage!

Cornelia Wickel

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