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Titel / Title Berlin 2010 
Label Janitor Records  
Total run time
73:29 min. 
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Still the three Berlin Rock designers work on their twelfth studio production that - whispers in the streets tell so - will be named "Pottersville". But to sweetening the standby time they spread another live album into the crowd: "Berlin 2010", a recording of the concert 30th of January 2010 at the Huxley's Neue Welt in - where? - yeah, sure, Berlin! Live-records appear to be a passion of the three acoustic maniacs, because only recently - in 2007 - there was in the DVD format "Pothead plays Rockpalast" or before - 2004 - "Live in Berlin".

About the sound of the Berlin combo I have not - I hope - to provide extensive descriptions. Rock, Grunge, Blues and personality offer the matter to be very individual and exist with a nostalgic touch away from the rush to define commercial success and the drive to the new musical revolution.

"Live in Berlin" 2004 was the time of the then just released studio album "Tuv Luv" and is characterized by it moderately so. The setlist of the new live production 2010 leads through the material of the band's history. We have Mr. America on it from the early days, just like Black War, Rock Child or Chess. Indian Song, too. To squeeze 20 songs on a shekel, including the meantime faded-in applause, of course, can not satisfy every desire of favorite needs. But that's a very colorful and well covering mixture which youll find in this compound. Crisp and every piece of music brought to the point. Sound technical classes, thus shortens the time a live album to the next concert.

And now to the question of why one should purchase the album, although all Potheads already salute in the local rack? Well, the band's already well in the studio, but live the sound turns to be really alive. Ergo, the combination live + studio channels in - for example - the present "Berlin 2010" which catches the best of both.


1. Appreciate
2. Chess
3. Funkenbus
4. You Should Talk
5. Wild Weed
6. Satisfied
7. Round The Corner
8. EZ1
9. Gears
10. Y-Road
11. If You Wonder
12. Black War
13. Mr. America
14. Im A Sinner Too
15. Lets Rock, Rock On
16. Never Want It Like That
17. Telephone Line
18. Rock Child
19. Broken Glass
20. Indian Song

Andreas Torneberg

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