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Titel / Title Handgrenade Blues  
Label VME - Voices Music & Entertainment  
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According to their press release, the most important thing you should know about the Danish guys from SuperCharger is the fact that they played around 100 gigs within two years. Only then they decided to hit the studio to record their debut album "Handgrenade Blues". Exactly that album is now in my player and let me say it that way: it doesn`t surprise me that the press release is more about their live qualities than the record. No matter how good or bad they are on stage - to listen to the record is just exhausting! Already with the opener, the title track "Handgrenade Blues", they produce a lot of noise with amongst others a piano and also the singer`s voice sounds quite hysterical. So even the one or other nice guitar riff can`t make up for what has gone wrong here.

The singing of the second track is nice to listen to in the beginning and the chorus sounds a bit like The Hellacopters. Or in other words: it`s melodious Kick-Ass Rock`n`Roll. Unfortunately, it`s the only compliment I can make about this record `cause all the other tracks of the album sound just like the opening song. It seems a bit like they want to outstrip their high-flying countrymen from Volbeat by being louder and heavier than them. But to play the guitar at full blast and to scream most of the time is not Rock`n`Roll yet - or at least not good RockīnīRoll.

A harmonica here and way too prevalent piano sounds there, make the whole thing rather worse than being helpful. And afterwards you will remember nothing `cause you really heard this kind of music one thousand times before and it`s not special at all. Afterwards you only know one thing: You are happy that the record has reached its end!

Stefanie Singh

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