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Titel / Title Fears 
Label Out Of Line 
Total run time
58:38 min 
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The music of the Hamburg-based band "Lord Of The Lost" burnes already on its MySpace page concise and catchy to the ear. This band of the singer and guitarist Chris Harms has the ability to draw on familiar sounds of known groups and to catalyze these by their own talent into a process which creates a new product of ideas to spread among the people ... among the rather dark people whose musical tastes range from the metal to ballads, from hard to soft, from brutal to elegiac.

In the first unctuous sampled choral sounds break harsh guitar riffs. Sinister growls mixed with melodic choruses, sometimes clear, sometimes electronically altered. If you turn the switch on the track to half speed, the guitar riffs have some of the gloom of doom metal. In the present pace, one could rather speak of Industrial or New German Hardness.

Clear from the beginning despite of all electronics is the use of a massive guitar orientation, as well as the dark attitudes with broadsides from romance and horror (see video). Track 2 "Break Your Heart" is reminiscent of The 69 Eyes, and is rhythmic and melodic designed very catchy and poppy. "Dry The Rain" and especially "The Measure of All Things" can made think about Tiamat's last production "Amanethes; particularly because of the deep voice part. Fascinating the recipe, to mix soft and easy digestible pop structures and melodies together with the aggressive viciousness of metal and the dissonance of electro punk.

This album is very versatile. No discovery of the offside boundary experience, not a discovery of a new species, but the perfect product for the dark music community 2010. From melodic to angry, from gentle to prickly, everything is included. An action trip through the impressions.

1. Last Words
2. Break Your Heart
3. Dry The Rain
4. My Deepest Fear
5. The Measure Of All Things
6. Till Death Us Do Part
7. Prologue
8. Never Forgive
9. To Die For
10. Vicious Circle
11. Not From This World
12. Nothing Words Can Say
13. Sooner Or Later

Andreas Torneberg

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