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Titel / Title In War and Pieces 
Label Steamhammer / SPV 
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Those who buy a CD of Sodom know what they want: old school Thrash Metal, it´s right into your face, no experiments whatsoever like Kreator dared to do in the 90s. And to immediately answer the most important question: Also „In War and Pieces“ sounds 100% Sodom! But still, there is a clear difference between this brand new album and its predecessors. The sound that Waldemar Sorychta created here, is one-of-a-kind in Sodom´s discography. Guitars never sounded so powerful, drums so clear and vocals so powerful and clear. And there´s more. Angelripper and co. have composed some real killers here, which will for sure find their way into future livesets. The title track is just cool as fuck, „Through Toxic Veins“ is a real headbanger, „Hellfire“ will make the pits explode and the successor of „Ausgebombt“ and „Bombenhagel“, „Knarrenheinz“, is at least as awesome as those two classics. So thrashers can buy this one without any hesitation.

Timo Päßler

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