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Mechanical God Creation

Titel / Title Cell XIII 
Label The Trip Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Italy and Metal, that still brings up ideas of cheesy bombastic kitsch metal for me... However, every now and then you get hold of a CD like this: Mechanical God Creation´s debut „Cell XIII“ is the opposite of all aforementioned associations. It´s brutal and straightforward. So far, so good. While the name dropping (former Hecate Enthroned members, played at Gods of Metal festival in Italy, etc) creates the impression of quite a solid background in the metal business, the expectations are of course high.
The first song „MTBF“ kicks off quite brutally and the vocals don´t sound too bad either – though it´s just another brutal female voice. One can only hope, that bands nowadays aren´t really having a female vocalist to draw more attention, because that time, where a female vocalist attracted lots of attraction are over (unless it´s a really unique voice that is...). You can clearly hear, that there are musicians, who know what they´re doing – technically - yet the whole thing is lacking some diversity and, this is the sadest part, an own trademark – that becomes clear after some more songs like „Project Kill“ or „2012“. No bad stuff, really, they´re putting quite some effort in the material, try different stuff and still, something is missing. It´s neither pure Deathcore, even though it has quite some portion of it in its sound, nor some oldschool Death Metal, it somewhere inbetween...and so is my rating. I can´t say it´s totally bad, nor will I jump with joy. This is probably nice brutal and aggressive live material, if you´re looking for melodies however, this might be the wrong CD to get. I´d say, „Cell XIII“ is ok for a debut, yet the band still has a long way to go.

Cornelia Wickel

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